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Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner  

New or Notable:

Helpful Hints for Handling Turkeys for Thanksgiving

It's not too early to plan your your Thanksgiving meal; especially if you have questions about turkeys! Learn the basics about safe ways to thaw, stuff, cook, and serve fresh or frozen turkeys.

Food for Holiday Giving: Safety Comes First

Now that you have decided this year’s holiday gifts will be of the delicious, nutritious variety, you have some homework to do. You have to decide what foods to give, whether they will be produced commercially or made at home, how to package, label, and deliver the food. You also may need to let the recipient know how to keep and use the food item once they get it.

Let's Preserve: Cranberries

Colorful cranberries are a sign of the holiday season. This four-page bulletin explains how to choose, prepare, store, freeze and can fresh cranberries. The bulletin also has several recipes, including for cranberry sauce and spicy cranberry salsa.


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Caregiver Fact Sheets & Entire Series Caregiver Fact Sheets & Entire Series
People in 22.4 million U.S. households are caregivers, most often for a spouse or parent. Most family cargivers find themselves in a caregiving situation suddenly and unexpectedly. This series of 10 fact sheets provides the information and support caregivers need. Includes items #4200, 4203-4209, 4211, 4212. Select this item to buy entire series of 10 bulletins---or select only specific bulletins below---and click "add to cart" at bottom of page. 38 pages. © 2004 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

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Understanding Cyber Bullying Understanding Cyber Bullying

This bulletin explains what cyber bullying is and offers suggestions to help parents stay connected with their children in this world filled with ever changing technology. 2 pages. © 2010 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Download it for free or add it to your cart to buy a color copy.

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