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Letís Preserve Berries

Learn how to preserve the fresh-picked berries by freezing or canning.

Letís Preserve Jellies, Jams, Spreads

Step-by-step instructions for making jellies, jams, and spreads. Covers general canning procedures, and process times. Includes videos and recipes.

Best Ways to Wash Fruits & Vegetables at Home

Are the fruit and vegetable washes you see in the supermarket necessary? This fact sheet weighs the effectiveness of different ways of washing produce in reducing food-borne illness..

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On Sale!
Growing Fruit Trees in Maine Growing Fruit Trees in Maine

Designed to provide the home orchardist with the knowledge to successfully grow fruit trees under Maine conditions, this booklet describes cultural practices for apple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, and apricot trees. Covers varieties adapted to Maine, rootstocks, planting, early care, fertilization, pollination, pruning, lack of fruitfulness, pests and diseases, and preparation for winter. Developed by Professor of Pomology Renae Moran and Associate Scientist Glen Koehler; includes 30 color photos that enhance text descriptions. 32 pages. © 2008 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension.
Sale! Now just $7.99
(regular price $9.50)

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Growing Vegetables in Container Gardens Growing Vegetables in Container Gardens
Container & Raised-Bed Gardening series
If you only have a small yard---or even an apartment balcony---you can still grow fresh vegetables and herbs using containers. This introductory bulletin can help get you started. Includes recommended varieties for Maine. Includes instructional video for online viewing. 2 pages. © 2008 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Download it for free or add it to your cart to buy a color copy.

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Best Sellers
* On-Farm Composting Handbook
* Spotted Wing Drosophila: Pest Biology and IPM Recommendations for Wild Blueberries
* So Easy to Preserve
* Growing Fruit Trees in Maine
* Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving: 100th Anniversary Edition

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