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UMaine Extension Publications Distribution Center
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Orono, ME
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Celebrate Farming in Maine!

food system poster  

New or Notable:

The Maine Food System Poster

Get your copy of a 24 x 36 color poster illustrated by Michael Mardosa, University of Maine. University of Maine Cooperative Extension is a significant part of the food system in Maine from farm to fork, that includes policy, research, production, processing, commerce, nutrition, and food safety and security. Products include potatoes, milk, poultry and livestock, eggs, greenhouse/nursery, wild blueberries, and other fruits and vegetables.

Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business

The demand for fresh, local, sustainably produced small-farm products is growing. Aubrey, a seasoned farmer, covers business plans, market research, financing, regulations, asset protection, pricing, selling venues, and growing your business. Includes profiles of successful small farm businesses, as well as checklists and sample contracts and forms. 175 pages, 2007.

So You Want to Farm in Maine?

Have you ever thought about moving to a farm and wondered whether it's really the right life for you and your family? Answering the questions in this 4-page bulletin related to the realities of farming in Maine will help you decide.


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Growing Organic Cereal Grains in New England Growing Organic Cereal Grains in New England

There is increasing demand for organic grains for human consumption as well as dairy feed. However, meeting the higher quality standards for successful production requires planning and attention to detail. Discusses organic certification, soil and site conditions, seed, fertility, planting, fall versus spring crops, and harvest and storage. 6 pages. © 2010 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Download it for free or add it to your cart to buy a color copy.

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Keeping Your Business on Track, Parts I, II, and III Keeping Your Business on Track, Parts I, II, and III
You can't make good business decisions without a good understanding of your business. "Keeping Your Business on Track" tells you what information you need to track and why, and provides tools to help you collect and analyze it. Includes item #3004, "Records"; item #3003, "Financial Statements"; and item #3002, "Ratio Analysis." 10 pages. © 2002 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Select this item to buy entire series of 3 bulletins---or select only specific bulletins below---and click "add to cart" at bottom of page.

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* Gardening to Conserve Maine's Native Landscape: Plants to Use and Plants to Avoid
* Growing Fruit Trees in Maine
* MBPC License Recertification Credits Tests - Reading Pesticide Labels and PPE
* MBPC License Recertification Credits Test - What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
* So Easy to Preserve

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